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V. Lenarduzzi, Lomio, F. , Saarimäki, N. , and Taibi, D. , Does Migrate a Monolithic System to Microservices Decrease the Technical Debt?, CoRR, vol. abs/1902.06282, 2019. (868.66 KB)
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V. Lenarduzzi and Taibi, D. , Can Functional Size Measures Improve Effort Estimation in SCRUM?, in ICSEA - International Conference on Software Engineering and Advances, Nice (France), 2014. (585.17 KB)
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C. Friso, Lenarduzzi, V. , Taibi, D. , and Tosi, D. , How Open Source Software Products Can Support Teaching in Italian Schools, in 5th European Conference on Information Management and Evaluation (ECIME 2011), 2011.