OP2A: Assessing the Quality of the Portal of Open Source Software Products

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2011), Springer-Verlag (2011)


open source software, software quality evaluation, software trustworthiness


<p>&nbsp;</p><div>Open Source Software (OSS) communities do not often invest in marketing strategies to promote their</div><div>products in a competitive way. Even the home pages of the web portals of well-known OSS products show</div><div>technicalities and details that are not relevant for a fast and effective evaluation of the product&rsquo;s qualities.</div><div>So, final users and even developers, who are interested in evaluating and potentially adopting an OSS</div><div>product, are often negatively impressed by the quality perception they have from the web portal of the</div><div>product and turn to proprietary software solutions or fail to adopt OSS that may be useful in their activities.</div><div>In this paper, we define an evaluation model and we derive a checklist that OSS developers and web</div><div>masters can use to design their web portals with all the contents that are expected to be of interest for OSS</div><div>final users. We exemplify the use of the model by applying it to the Apache Tomcat web portal and we</div><div>apply the model to 22 well-known OSS portals.</div>