Towards Cloud Native Continuous Delivery: An Industrial Experience Report

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


First International Workshop on Cloud-Native Applications Design and Experience — CNAX 2018 Co-located with UCC 2018 and BDCAT 2018 conferences , IEEE, Zurich (2018)


Several companies suffer from long delays between implementing and delivering software features.
Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment tools and practices are increasing their popularity since they can help companies decrease delivery costs and delays, and reduce bugs and errors in the delivery processes thanks to automation.
Companies have difficulties in implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment. There is information available on the subject, but collecting, studying, and distributing that information can be very costly.
The CI and CD pipelines are examples of well-founded Cloud Native applications that run in a variety of different configurations and provide flexibility and speed for companies, but require elastic execution platforms and knowledge of modern cloud technologies for optimal use.
In this experience report, we present the lessons learned during the implementation of a cloud-based Continuous Delivery tool stack. Our experience includes the design and implementation of a pure cloud and hybrid cloud-based Continuous Integration and Delivery solutions at Vincit.