MVP explained: A Systematic Mapping on the Definition of Minimum Viable Product

TitleMVP explained: A Systematic Mapping on the Definition of Minimum Viable Product
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsTaibi, D, Lenarduzzi, V
Conference NameSEAA2016 42th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications 2016
Date Published08/2016
Conference LocationCyprus

One of the most important steps of the Lean Startup

methodology is the definition of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), needed to start the learning process by integrating the early adopters’ feedbacks as soon as possible. Objective: This study aims at identifying the common definitions of MVP proposed and the key factors identified to help entrepreneurs efficiently define their MVP, reducing errors due to unconsidered unknown factors. Method: We identified the MVP definitions and key factors by means of a systematic mapping study, defining the research questions and the protocol to be used. We selected the bibliographic sources, the keywords, and the selection criteria for searching the relevant papers. Results: We found 97 articles and, through inclusion and exclusion criteria, removed 75 articles, which reduced the total to 22 at the end of the process. The results are a classification schema for characterizing the definition of Minimum Viable Product in Lean Startups and a set of common key factors identified in the MVP definitions.

Conclusion: The identified key factors are related to technical characteristics of the product as well as market and customer aspects. We found a positive improvement of the state of the art of MVP and the definition of Minimum.