Moonlighting Scrum: An Agile Method for Distributed Teams with Part-Time Developers Working during Non-Overlapping Hours

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


ICSEA - International Conference on Software Engineering and Advances, IARIA XPS Press, Venice (ITALY) (2013)


oftware development; Scrum; distributed development; distributed agile


<p>Scrum and several agile development processes are becoming increasingly popular since they offer the ability to manage volatile requirements. This applies to many types of projects and teams. In case of development teams with moonlight developers working for at most ten non-overlapping hours per week, not all Scrum practices can be applied. In this paper, we introduce Moonlighting Scrum, an adaptation of Scrum aimed at optimizing effectiveness and efficiency by minimizing the amount of communication to the least necessary and maximizing the time invested in development. Our aim is to accomplish this by modifying Scrum practices to achieve a trade-off between development and communication effort to produce the best final results, given the available resources and time. An application of Moonlighting Scrum took place in a real cooperative project and provided interesting results.</p>